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In some cases, our Veterinarians may need more precise detail of your pet’s internal anatomy. Radiography assists our team in providing comprehensive care for your pet.

Why would my pet need digital radiography performed?


  • Tumors and obstructions have been discovered

  • Scans assist in surgical approach and minimize surgery time

  • Respiratory infections have been diagnosed

  • Identify or rule out the spreading of various cancers

  • Orthopedic abnormalities

  • Examine tooth abscesses, bones and teeth


We invite you to tour our facility and see the machines prior to your pet’s appointment. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Imaging services.


Our Ultrasound machine is an incredibly valuable tool that often will provide a lifesaving diagnosis! 


Why would my pet need an ultrasound?

  • Issues with urination (UTI)

  • Viewing of the uterus & prostate

  • Recurrent infections 

  • Blood work shows kidney problems 

  • Provides the vet with organ architecture

  • You are concerned with something your pet ingested

  • Ruling out the possibility of stones

  • Evaluate heart functions

  • Preventative care 


The Ultrasound service combined with X-rays form the absolute diagnostic duo. We highly encourage our clients to view the Ultrasound process as it takes place. 


Our endoscope machine allows us to see inside airways and beginning part of the gastrointestinal tract without surgery!


Why would my pet need an endoscopic procedure?

  • Retrieval of a foreign body identified in the nasal cavity, soft palate, esophagus, or stomach

  • Growth biopsy or fluid cultures

  • Confirmed diagnosis of collapsing trachea or bronchii

  • Diagnosis of stomach complications such as ulcers and worms 

If you're interested and think your pet might benefit from an endoscopic procedure, give us a call and we can provide more information! 


Our fiberoptic ear exams, performed by our video otoscope (MedRx), allow us to see down into your pet's ear canals for a clearer and more comprehensive idea of what could be bothering them.


Why would my pet need a fiberoptic ear exam?

  • Ear infections

  • Mites

  • Bacterial and yeast infections 

  • Buildup of debris 

  • Redness and discharge

  • Your pet keeps shaking or tilting their head

  • Unusual odor

  • Preventative care for seasonal allergies


Why CT?

"Trying to diagnose and understand disease conditions without a CT is like trying to understand a hurricane without color doppler radar.  Its impossible to predict the hurricane's course by standing in the rain, just as its impossible to make a diagnosis by looking at a pet's skin", states Dr. Hurwitz. "The CT gives us a 3 dimensional image of the entire animal inside and out. CTs give us detailed images of tumors, ruptured discs, brain lesions, blood vessels, cysts, adrenal glands and internal abscesses.  Without our CT, these medical conditions can not be identified much less specifically located."   BVDH provides affordable, same and next day CTs to our clients and other referring veterinarians.  

The conditions/diseases we found using our CT:


  • Prostate Cancer

  • Bulging Discs

  • Strokes

  • Metastasized Tumors

  • Nasal Fungus

  • Brain lesions

  • Many, many more


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